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Below are descriptions of the technology courses offered at Elm Middle School. 

Essential Technology

Grade level: 6

This course will focus on developing 21st-century technology skills. Students will be able to select and use District-provided applications effectively and productively. Throughout the course, students will focus on using the G-Suite applications essential for success in middle school and beyond. Students will learn to use 21st-century technology appropriately by focusing on digital citizenship, online safety, copyright, website evaluation and online etiquette.

Creative Technology

Grade Level: 7

This course will focus on using computer technology in a creative manner. Students will build upon their knowledge of G-Suite applications and will demonstrate creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. Possible projects include coding, digital photography, website creation, illustration, video editing and digital animations.

Computer Science

Grade Level: 8

Students in this course will continue to build on their knowledge of computer science and software engineering. They will develop skills in coding, design and animation by creating projects and solving real-world problems. Possible projects include making video games, developing mobile apps and creating dynamic websites. Computer science careers and educational options will also be explored.