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Cougar Sports | Fall Teams



The fall is Elm Middle School's busiest athletics season, with competition in boys cross country, girls cross country, boys softball, girls softball, boys soccer and girls volleyball.

But Elm students don't have to settle on playing for just one team in the fall. Our conference, Leyden­-Norwood, has arranged its fall schedule so that cross country and softball finish in late September-early October, and boys soccer and girls volleyball begin shortly afterward.

This means our boys can participate in cross country or softball to begin the autumn season and soccer to close it. Likewise, our female student­s can participate in cross country or softball to begin the fall season and volleyball to end it.

Students from all three of our grade levels are eligible to try out.

How It's Organized

In girls volleyball we field two teams: a 6th/7th-grade JV team and an 8th-grade varsity team.

In boys and girls cross country, 6th graders compete against other 6th graders in the final conference meet, and 7th/8th graders compete against other 7th/8th graders. But in meets leading up to the conference finale, all three grades run as one boys team and one girls team respectively.

Both boys and girls softball as well as boys soccer each have one team (varsity) composed of athletes from all three grades.

First Half of Fall Season

Second Half of Fall Season