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Concussion Protocols



The growing attention given to concussions — traumatic brain injuries that interfere with normal brain function — has led to numerous efforts aimed at protecting young athletes. 

Illinois Legislation

In August 2015, the Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act was signed into law.

The Illinois statute requires each school board in the state to adopt a policy regarding student­-athlete concussions and head injuries that is in compliance with the protocols, policies and bylaws developed by the Illinois High School Association.

The IHSA’s summary of the law can be found here.

District 401's Policy

The District 401 Board of Education has implemented the above-stated requirements in Section 7:305 of its Policy Manual.

The section is titled "Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries."

Elm's Procedures

In accordance with District policy and Illinois law, Elm has instituted the following procedures to ensure the safety of student­-athletes:

Every Elm parent/guardian and student is required to read and sign our Concussion Information Sheet before the student is allowed to participate in athletics. One sheet per student is sufficient for the entire school year, no matter how many sports the student participates in. Elm uses the most recent version of the Illinois Elementary School Association's information sheet.

A student shall be removed from an interscholastic athletic practice or competition immediately if any of the following individuals believes that the student sustained a concussion during the practice or competition: a coach, a physician, a game official, an athletic trainer, the student's parent/guardian, the student or any other person deemed appropriate under the District’s return­-to-­play protocol.

A student who was removed from interscholastic athletic practice or competition shall be allowed to return only after all statutory prerequisites are completed, including without limitation the District's return­-to-­play and return­-to-­learn protocols. An athletic team coach or assistant coach may not authorize a student's return­-to-­play or return-­to-­learn.

At Elm this means any student removed for having concussion symptoms will not be allowed to return to play or return to learn until the school receives a note from a medical doctor stating the student is cleared to do so.

Elm coaches must successfully complete all concussion training required by the state.

To Learn More

For more information about District 401's policy concerning student­-athlete concussions, see the following section in the Board of Education's Policy Manual:

A detailed description and explanation of the District's procedures are contained in Elmwood Park High School's concussion management program.